Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Our Preschool program is designed to develop the skills needed for school, faith and career readiness. Our program helps children develop their fine and gross motor skills, approve their language and communication abilities, and exercise their creativity. Play during the early childhood years has a significant role in a child's cognitive, social,and physical development. During play, children acquire many of the prerequisite skills that contribute to successful learning.Therefore, our play-based program focuses on weekly themes while incorporating mathematics, language skills, reading readiness, and social skills. Our curriculum focuses on the state standard foundations for early childhood development. A Catholic education develops personal worth, while helping children work and play happily with others. This encourages loving others and increases self-discipline. Each day begins and ends with a prayer, as well as prayers before snack and lunch.

Academic Readiness:

Ability to count and write to 20

Ability to spell and recognize their name

Recognize capital and lowercase letters and write them

Knowledge colors and shapes

Faith Readiness:

 Ability to do the sign of the cross

 Understand the meaning of Mass and prayer

Learn to recognize God's love for us through experience of being loved by others, especially within our families and learning our community is like a family. 

Career Driven Readiness:

Evaluate ideas and form opinions

Able to focus on certain tasks

Understand the perspective of others

Expand their critical thinking and think of creative ideas