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During our 2017-2018 capital campaign, we initiated discussions with early childhood education leaders in our community, including UWCI and their Early Childhood, Capital Funds, and Community Outreach organizations with the intent to launch the best program possible and continue the tradition of excellence at St. Jude. As discussions progressed with UWCI, we aligned on a mutual interest to establish a program that could both serve as a form of evangelization and enable families to afford a high quality program by reaching certain quality standards set by Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

UWCI has worked with many programs throughout central Indiana, including multiple Catholic parishes, to improve early childhood education with their ‘Child Care Quality Improvement Project’ by performing the following:

1. Providing intensive coaching and funding to improve the health, safety and overall 
quality of child care programs

2. Supplying training opportunities, curriculum support, classroom equipment, books, etc. for Registered Child Care Ministries to reach Paths to Quality Level 3

3. Promoting high-quality programs participating at high levels in Paths to Quality

After multiple meetings, we were pleased that the grant proposal to UWCI was approved on October 11, 2018 to refurbish the old Parish Center basement and first floor to create capacity for 76 children ages 3-5 years old. UWCI engaged their preferred architect and construction firm and completed these plans.  

Over the past several months K-8 School Principal, Beth Meece, and the Education Steering Committee partnered with UWCI, agencies such as Early Learning Indiana, and established the curriculum, policies and procedures of the program, communicated enrollment, staffing and tuition details to families interested in enrolling their child in this new program.  The program will began in the Fall of 2019!  To request more information, please click here.


More about St. Jude Catholic Church

St Jude Parish, founded in 1959, has a long and proud history that spans over five decades.  While facilities and faces have certainly changed, one thing remains the same…our commitment to Christ, to one another, and to the betterment of our community.


As a result, our parish today is an active and increasingly vibrant Catholic parish.  We currently minister to 1762 families.  Led by a dedicated pastor, principal, staff and a strong corps of lay leaders and volunteers, there are an increasing number of ways that people of all ages and backgrounds are participating in the spiritual, educational, social and service ministries of our community.  For more information about St. Jude Catholic Parish - please visit the Parish webpage at


More about St. Jude Catholic School

St. Jude Catholic School has twice been recognized as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.  St. Jude School serves over 300 families and 500 students in grades K-8.  For more information related to St. Jude Catholic School - please visit the school webpage at


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